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Quick info about Nadia Khar

Real nameNadia Khar
Better known as GTR Queen Nadia 
ProfessionModel and social media influencer 
Higher QualificationMaster of Psychology
Current LocationUnited States of America

Who is Nadia Khar

Nadia Khar is a 27-year-old Pakistani girl who is in the headlines every day on social media for some reason. These days Nadia Khar was seen with two lions in a photo on social media, although even before Nadia Khar has been seen with strange hobbies and adventurous moments.

Actually, she likes the royal lifestyle and she is famous on social media for her expensive cars, bold photos and luxury lifestyle.

Although Nadia Khar is Pakistani but currently lives in America, apart from this she is also considered a better model because her body figure is very attractive and thousands of people like her.

Nadia Khar first went viral all over the world through TikTok and she is famous for her Audi A8 car. However, she is also known as GTR Queen on social media platforms. She has also got a tattoo of GTR on her lips.

 In today’s article, we are going to present all the information related to Nadia Khar, which includes her secret and dark facts and information related to her early life and career, apart from this, we will also discuss Nadia Khar’s social life as well as family information and love affair, so let’s start.

Nadia Khar’s Hot Photos

Facts you should know about Nadia Khar

  • She is an animal lover
  • Nadia loves chocolate and cake and she also includes dairy products in her diet.
  • Nadia loves dancing and acting.
  • She also loves going outside and visiting new places.
  • Nadia often parties late at night and travels with her friends.
  • She is also very fond of photography, especially bold photography
  • Nadiya also loves adventure and she goes to a place that is full of adventure.
  • She wants to visit almost all the countries once in her life.
  • She loves collecting expensive clothes, shoes and expensive cars.
  • Nadia is very fond of wearing expensive jewellery and is often seen with expensive jewellery in photos.
  • Nadia’s favourite colour is pink.
  • Let us tell you that she is also very fond of driving.

Nadia Khar Wikipedia, personal information, wiki, bio, info

Real nameNadia Khar
Better known asGTR Queen Nadia
CasteCaste under the Muslim community
Zodiac signTaurus ♉
Age (as of 2024)27 years old
Marital statusUnmarried
Date of birth12 May 1997
BirthplaceQuetta, Balochistan, Pakistan
ProfessionModel and social media influencer
Residential addressUnited States of America

Nadia Khar figure, physical measurements, height, weight

Nadia Khar  height5’7″  feet
Nadia Khar   weightApprox 58 kilograms
Skin colourFair light
Eye colourDark brown
Hair colourBlack
Hairstyle Long Hairstyles
Body type Fit and attractive body

Nadia Khar Biography

Nadia Khar was born on 12 May 1997 in the Balochistan region near Pakistan and soon after her birth, her family came to Pakistan, so her life started in Pakistan.

From the beginning, Nadia Khar was very fond of playing and roaming outside, although there is no concrete information about her educational activities yet, Nadia Khar was also very fond of sports.

Overall, she liked to do something different from other girls and to look different in the crowd. After birth, her early education started in Pakistan and later she went to America and from America, she became famous all over the world.

She has around 27 thousand subscribers on YouTube apart from this Nadia Khar has more than 20 lakh followers on Instagram.

Through her videos, she not only shows the royal and luxurious lifestyle but also shares good tips. She also gives new information in the field of fashion and also shares tips on makeup tutorials.

Nadia Khar’s education qualification

There is no concrete information about Nadia Khar’s educational qualification, but it can be said that she did her schooling in Pakistan and went to America to complete her graduation.

Education qualification

  • Schooling from Pakistan
  • Bachelor’s degree from USA

Nadia Khar’s early life and career

We all make different assumptions about Nadia Khar’s life on social media and some people give credit for her success to just one video, but let us tell you that the biggest contribution behind Nadia Khar’s success is her family, her family gave her complete freedom and supported her, her family always inspired Nadia Khar to move forward and today Nadia Khar is known as a super talented artist.

Let us tell you that in the field of modelling, she has got a different identity in America, although Nadia Khar is a naturally very beautiful girl, but the makeup adds to her amazing beauty results.

Now talking about Nadia Khar’s career, her career started as a makeup artist and model, when Nadia Khar started sharing her work online, then millions of people liked it.

It was in March 2018 when she shared information related to makeup in a short video on social media, then her videos went viral on a large scale and Nadia became people’s favourite model in a very short time.

 Meanwhile, Nadia got offers for many TV shows and was invited, and a local TV channel in Los Vegas invited Nadia as a makeup artist.

Currently, Nadia Khar is known as an excellent social media influencer, model and YouTuber. Thousands of people like Nadia’s bold photos but there is hard work behind her success and on the strength of her hard work, she made her dreams come true.

Reason for Nadia Khar’s popularity

Nadia Khar is famous all over the world and the reason for this popularity is none other than the social media platform.

yes, it is about the time of TikTok when TikTok was becoming famous at a high level all over India, then Nadia Khar started uploading her dance videos, prank videos and modelling-related videos on TikTok, and after some time she appeared in different styles in her videos, through the video she showed luxury cars, expensive clothes and luxury lifestyle. As we have already talked about, Nadia is very fond of living a luxurious life and seeing this royal lifestyle, people liked her.

The comments on her post on social media are also strange, which makes it seem that every youth of today wants to live a life like Nadia.

Nadia Khar’s family information

Till now information related to Nadia Khar’s family has not been revealed nor has she given any information about her boyfriend, although people say that Nadia Khar has been in a love relationship for a long time and it is reasonable to guess this due to the activities created on social media.

As soon as we get any information related to Nadia Khar’s family and her boyfriend, that information will be added to this article.

Nadia Khar’s salary, income and Net Worth

Nadia Khar’s earning/ monthly income-  2.5 lakhs Indian currency (approx)

Nadia Khar Net worth –  10 crores Indian currency (approx)

Source of income –  Modelling, social media platforms

Social media pages of Nadia Khar

S/NSocial media platformLinkSubscribersActivities
1.YouTubeClick23kJoined in 2012
2.InstagramClick2MJoined in 2011
4.Facebook accountClick23K

Nadia Khar’s contact details

Nadia Khar’s mobile number-  not known

Nadia Khar’s WhatsApp number – not known

Email/Gmail account – [email protected], [email protected]

Website –, 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Nadia Khar?
Ans. Nadia Khar is a 27-year-old Pakistani girl who is in the headlines every day on social media for some reason. These days Nadia Khar was seen with two lions in a photo on social media, although even before Nadia Khar has been seen with strange hobbies and adventurous moments.

Q. Is Nadia Khar married?
Ans. No

Q. What is the age of Nadia Khar?
Ans. She is 27 years old as of 2024

Q. What is the education qualification of Nadia Khar?
Ans.  Under Graduation

Q. Is she in a love relationship?
Ans. Yes

Q. Does she live with her boyfriend?
Ans. No

Q. Does Nadia have any pets?
Ans.  Yes

Q. Does she smoke?
Ans. Yes

Q. Is there any private leaked video controversy of Nadia Khar?
Ans. No

Q. How to meet Nadia Khar?
Ans. You can meet at her living address in the USA

Does Nadia Khar drink alcohol?
Ans. yes

Which languages does Nadia Khar know?
Ans. English

Q. Nadia Khar’s address and hometown?
Ans. She belongs to Pakistan but nowadays she lives in Las Vegas, USA 

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